• Sports Authority

    New 35,000 sf retail “shell” building in Montrose, Colorado. April 2008 completion.
  • Petco

    New retail building with tenant improvements of 13,500 sf in Montrose, Colorado. Summer 2008 completion.
  • Famous Footwear

    New 6,000 sf retail building with tenant improvements sf in Montrose, Colorado. Fall 2008 completion.
  • Maurices

    4,600 sf tenant improvements in Montrose, Colorado. 2008 Fall Completion.
  • Radio Shack

    New 2,000 sf retail building and tenant improvements in Montrose, Colorado. Summer 2009 completion.

    Retail Construction

    The retail market has been steadily increasing in the United States since 2010. Retail construction is another category under commercial construction that requires exceptional collaboration and project coordination efforts. The rise of mixed-use property sites, which combine office and retail space, office and residential space, and retail and residential space has also increased the need for retail construction services. Multiple factors should be considered when embarking on a retail construction project. These include being aware of the specific construction need. Many retail construction projects also include tenant improvement contracts. In scenarios like this, it’s important to ensure that contracts are evaluated, and clear communication is established. In addition, price per square foot is an important factor to consider. Future business that are housed in retail buildings need to be able to operate efficiently and effectively based upon the service or product that they provide. Here at Western Constructors, INC., we recognize this, and we have experience working with multiple different retail business including Maurice’s, Famous Footwear, and Sports Authority. There are several things to consider when looking for a retail construction general contractor:

    • Staying Informed

      When looking for a contractor for your retail construction project, it’s important that you are choosing a qualified company that is committed to staying informed about retail construction trends. Technology in particular is important to utilize in this industry. With Western Constructors, INC.’s vast knowledge of the industry and state-of-the-art technological design equipment, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We utilize technology in our pre-planning phase to conceptualize projects alongside our clients so that we can anticipate and avoid any problems that could potentially develop with a complicated project.

    • Adherence to Deadlines

      Western Constructors, INC. realizes that in retail construction time is money. The longer that doors are closed to consumers, the less profit a business is making. We want to establish seamless communication between ourselves, our subcontractors, and our clients in order to meet or beat project deadline expectations.

    • Green Initiative

      All companies want to operate efficiently and want to keep costs low. One of the ways to keep costs low for retail businesses for years to come is through the establishment of energy-efficient systems in initial construction. Keeping a foresight on the future, Western Constructors, INC. can work with your business to create energy efficient systems now that will save you money in the long run.

    • Consumer-Driven

      Retail construction is also unique in the sense that we are creating spaces that we know are a part of a market that is consumer-driven. We can ensure that we are creating a space that is convenient, inviting, and practical for all of your consumers’ needs. This includes having logistical experience creating spaces that include ship from store. In addition, we realize that many individuals are seeking an experience when shopping retail. This is where our 3-D printers and time spent upfront creating models and detailed plans will help assure that your retail space creates a whole experience for your customers. This includes everything from a functional floor plan to the right lighting.

    Building Relationships.

    By exceeding our clients’ goals, we will develop a long-term relationship, becoming a partner to assist in their success. By continuing to deliver value, our clients will recognize that and want Western Constructors to build their projects continually. We recognize that every client has different needs and challenges. It’s our job always to ask, is there a better way? That is why we are committed to understanding your unique circumstances and developing intelligent solutions.

    It’s about being honest and asking the hard questions early in the process. It’s about taking time to develop and explain concepts and options and understanding the implications of every decision. It’s the kind of detailed attention that can save you significant time and money.

    Our Services

    The bottom line is that “Integrity” is not just about our business.
    It’s about our respect for yours.
    • Pre-Construction

      At Western Constructors, we understand that one of the most critical phases of project management takes place before ground is broken. You receive the most value for your project when we work collaboratively with you from the earliest possible planning stages. The reason is simple: design and construction are one fluid process – one that deserves careful attention to create an outstanding experience and product. Working together, we provide critical, thorough analysis of design concepts to ensure that your vision and your budget meet. And when budgetary challenges arise, our experienced team provides creative solutions and attractive alternatives that help you make informed decisions and keep the project on track.
      • Site Feasibility Studies and Site Development
      • Budget Development
      • Schematic Design & Drawings Review
      • Design Development Review
      • Contractibility Reviews
      • Critical Path Scheduling
      • Municipal Planning & Approvals/Permits
      • Cash Flow Projections
    • General Contracting

      Western Constructor’s reputation for success and efficiency in general contracting extends back to our origination in 1974. Our General Contracting services span your entire project, from the initial planning stages until the punch list is closed out. Throughout construction, your project is managed with 100% dedication to timely delivery, responsive service, strict cost control and meticulous attention to detail.

      Western Constructors has built a strong reputation throughout the Western Slope for managing construction processes and recruiting the most qualified subcontractors for our construction projects. We partner with Owners, trade contractors and architects to identify project goals and designs. We are then able to use this information to provide staging and sequencing plans, as well as detailed project schedules. During this time, we consistently identify sensitive issues that may impact the budget and project timeline.

      At Western Constructors, we understand that no two construction projects are the same. Our general contracting team uses past experiences and strong relationships in order to create the most qualified construction professionals and plans for each project.

    • Construction Management

      Western Constructors can make any construction project run more smoothly and efficiently. We offer comprehensive construction management services, providing expert consultation to the designer and /or the Owner. In this role, we take on as much of the project coordination as the Owner desires. This can include the budgeting, bidding process, schedule optimization, quality control and close-out. Using tested policies and procedures, Western Constructors proactively manages the scheduling and purchasing process so the project will be built with a plan.

      The Construction Management process allows the Owner to select a Construction Manager (CM) to share his construction knowledge during initial stages of design. The Construction Manager (CM) acts as a third leg to assist the Owner and designer during the conceptual design phase with value-added information.

      During construction, the Construction Manager (CM) supervises the trade contractors and manages the budget, the schedule, scope of work changes and request for payment, and assures the adherence to the contract documents. Because the Construction Manager (CM) works as a professional advisor, he remains an ally and agent of the Owner and Designer, giving unbiased information and directing the trade contractors throughout the design and construction of the project. Construction Management partners can save time, bypasses general contractor markups and fees, and passes direct bid savings onto the Owner.

      Construction Management has become increasingly popular in recent years – particularly on complex projects requiring comprehensive management oversight.

    • Design/Build

      The design/build methodology is a proven way to keep construction projects leaner, faster and more efficient. Western Constructors is well-versed in this approach. Having the design and construction responsibility within a single source control, minimizes communication issues, controls the budget and reduces Change Orders. We are a true collaborator, integrating our expertise with the rest of the project team. This seamless coordination makes projects run more smoothly, with minimal disruptions and downtime.

      With this approach, the General Contractor holds the Architect’s contract. The result is a single point of contact for the Owner since the General Contractor is responsible for both design and construction.

      Western Constructors is a strong advocate of this approach. Design/build partnering is a method of doing business through a team effort that helps providers of services and recipients of those services to work together to achieve mutual goals. As the practice of construction partnering has become widespread, it has demonstrated its effectiveness as a means of minimizing disputes. Not only does construction partnering preclude major disputes by obviating the need for alternative dispute resolutions, but it also is a proven provider of cost savings. Most importantly, construction partnering brings about an atmosphere of cooperation in which a collaborative effort enables projects to be completed within budget and on or ahead of schedule.

      This atmosphere of cooperation is largely based on team building, which is the foundation of Western Constructors’ approach. Trust, open communication, and dedication to common goals are all significant components of this approach.

    Our Company Culture:

    We are committed to being on time and on the budget, not most of the time, but always.
    We are committed to quality construction, at a very personal level, as a reflection of our company and all of our associates.
    We are committed to turning our business relationships into personal friendships, which demands performance at the highest level.
    We expect the best from our Subcontractors and demand that they perform at the same high standards we set for ourselves.
    We will not accept late, over-budget, lack of communication or poor quality; and set our goal at making the building experience at Western Constructors, Inc. more than satisfactory. We expect it to be rewarding and enjoyable.

    Our Mission At Western Constructors, Inc:

    is always to employ fair and honest principles to develop well-satisfied customers, while earning a reasonable profit and providing a level of growth that will meet the intrinsic needs of our employees. We live this mission with a commitment to be a prominent business entity in our industry as well as an active partner in communities where we work. Western Constructor’s people deliver outstanding client satisfaction. We practice our core values in our work, giving our clients a unique experience of trust and advocacy. We are committed to achieving sustained growth that enables our firm to provide enhanced value to clients and opportunities for our people.

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