String Of Pearls Project One Is Las Colonias

In our last blog article we wrote about Grand Junction’s string of pearls – a phrase coined by leaders in the community from the 1980’s. To make Grand Junction healthier, safer, and more desirable, they built what is today the riverfront parkway and a series of parks (“pearls”) along the path. When they completed that project it completely revitalized the Southern portion of town. Western Constructors is also creating a string of pearls as our contribution to Grand Junction and all Western Colorado. We think it’s fitting that our “string of pearls project one is” Las Colonias, the same area made famous by Grand Junction’s previous environmental and natural cleanup. It’s a legacy project built on our forebearers, that will hopefully be built upon further by those to come.

The History of Las Colonias Park: Historic Crossroads Along the Riverfront Of Grand Junction, CO

There’s a wonderful historical article written by two CMU students, called “The History of Las Colonias Park: Historic Crossroads Along the Riverfront Of Grand Junction, CO” some years ago. If you click this link it will take you to the students’ extended essay. If you are interested in the history of Grand Junction, it’s a quick read, and well worth your time. Two of the main items addressed in the essay have to do with past industry in Las Colonias, which is important because of a lot of the new construction happening in Grand Junction today is located there. In some ways it’s also a sample for the entire city. It’s a metaphor for our history, present, and future.

Las Colonias used to be the broken home to a failed beet sugar factory and uranium mill. Those industries came and went as demand for the products created short-lived crazes. Both industries were abandoned as the crazes died down, and the area of Las Colonias was left a literal trash heap. Then, years later, it got cleaned up by a few progressive leaders in the area who wanted to create a “string of pearls” along the riverbank. Now, Las Colonias is the soon-to-be-home to one of Grand Junction’s brightest areas.

Similarly, Grand Junction used to be a town of failing industries and poor upkeep. We’re currently in the process of beautifying the town, filling empty commercial and retail space, and removing/ reconstructing over abandoned homes. It’s a transition phase, for sure, but when Western Constructors finishes our latest projects – where Grand Junction is going – is going to be incredible.

Las Colonias Business Park

In our future blog posts we’ll talk about each individual project Western Constructors is currently working on, and what we have planned for the future. For now, we want to give you a clear picture of what’s happening at Las Colonias and what that will mean for all Grand Junction. This is the first of Western Constructor’s string of pearls, so we’ll continue to keep you updated on everything that’s happening as the project progresses from here.

Bonsai Desing And Rocky Mounts

If you want to see information on Las Colonias and how its developing from the city’s perspective, click here. Their website on Las Colonias is highly informative on not only the land and business development aspects of this project, but from the natural and preservations sides as well.

This website talks about the development details for Las Colonias’ business park, which is where Western Constructors is building. We are currently constructing the new corporate headquarters for Bonsai Design who have built an excellent business all across the country designing, installing, operating, training people to use, and maintaining obstacle courses, ziplines, and similar structures. Bonsai started in a basement in Grand Junction, in 2004. Their new facility will house roughly 50 employees. Bonsai, along with Rocky Mounts will be the area’s “anchoring” tenants.

Rocky Mounts is another company that was founded in Colorado, back in 1993. They sell security, car racks, and replacement parts for bikes. They also have car racks available specifically for skiing, snowboarding, and general cargo. Rocky Mounts has been in Boulder, CO since their inception, but they’re now making Grand Junction home.

The fact that both Bonsai and Rocky Mounts are committing to Grand Junction for the long-term is proof that our city is making marked progress in many areas. It also proves that we as Grand Junction residents don’t have to lose or forget who we are in Western Colorado in order to improve our economy or desirability. Both large anchoring companies are outdoors-based. Both companies are perfect compliments to who and what Grand Junction is all about, and has been all along.

Revitalizing Our Downtown

Western Constructors is just now breaking ground at Las Colonias on Bonsai Design’s new headquarters, perfectly adjacent to Grand Junction’s newly-built butterfly lake. There are currently nine other tenant spaces available in the business park that are expected to fill up soon. Once the business park is complete it will represent a major pillar in Grand Junction for economic stability and the very best of Western Colorado’s lifestyle. Western Constructors is also currently finishing upscale townhomes just West of the Las Colonias park. Plus, Edgewater Brewery and the Las Colonias Amphitheater reside between the two sections.

Then, there’s Main Street. Five days ago (as of the writing of this article), Downtown Grand Junction was named “One of the Most Charming Downtowns in America” by TripAdvisor. You can read all about it here on downtown Grand Junction’s web page. The city of Grand Junction has done terrific work in recent years to revitalize our downtown area, and many Grand Junction residents have enjoyed the efforts. Our downtown looks great, has an oldtown feel that’s modernized, and is great for local businesses. We’re getting national recognition for the progress we’re making.

Our hope at Western Constructors is that everything in between Main Street and Riverside (as the Las Colonias and Dos Rios projects finish), will begin to clean up and look better as well. There are many areas of town in Grand Junction that are mixed between residential and industrial. Between Main Street and Riverside is one of those awkward areas. But, as Riverside fills in with new large-scale businesses and Western Constructor’s townhomes finish, it too can form an anchor to the South side of Grand Junction for other developers to come in and revitalize the area as well.

Together, we’re working with the city, local businesses, realtors, homeowners, and everyone who loves Grand Junction to make our city the very best place to live for us all. We’re making a town that’s not just known for getting outdoors. We’re building a Grand Junction future that’s also known for the city itself – a perfect compliment to the outdoor aspects we all love.


*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

Western Constructors Builds A String Of Pearls in Grand Junction

Western Constructors has been building up Grand Junction since 1974. A lot of people know us as “Bruce’s company,” but we’ve become so much more in recent years. We’ve become a community in ourselves. Between the many great people who work in the office, helping clients with the design-build process, to the subcontractors, parts suppliers, and finally, home- and property-buyers… All of these people, including you, are part of the Western Constructors legacy. We have a lot to share with you – it’s part of why we started a blog. But if you want the short-and-sweet summary of this post, it’s in the headline: Western Constructors builds a string of pearls in Grand Junction.

General Contractors In Grand Junction, CO

We’ve built homes and commercial spaces all over the country. For a while, most of our projects were elsewhere. Grand Junction’s gone through some hard economic times in the past decade, and it’s made construction in the Grand Valley difficult. The oilfield hasn’t been stable on the Western Slope for a long time (if it ever truly was). We haven’t had a ton of industry here. People live here because they love the wonderful natural playground we live in and live near, but it can sometimes be difficult to look at Grand Junction in an entirely positive light, economically- and quality-wise.

When 2008 hit, a lot of home-builders had to pull out of the region. There just wasn’t a lot of work in the Grand Valley, and what work there was could only be priced out of reach for most families. We kept living in Grand Junction and running our business here, but we performed work elsewhere. Grand Junction’s an incredible place to live, and we never wanted to leave just because of hard financial times. We’ve been waiting for the time when we could begin building homes and commercial properties in Grand Junction once again. And we’re happy to announce that time is now.

Moving Grand Junction Into The Future

We’re very excited about the projects we’re undertaking. Basically, we want Grand Junction to be more than just a launching ground to the outdoors. We want it to be an incredible place to live and do business, in itself.

People love Grand Junction and its surrounding regions, and we never want the Grand Valley to become like Denver or other Front Range cities. But, we do want to modernize Grand Junction wither newer construction. We want to revitalize the parts of town that are currently run-down or abandoned. We want to create more opportunities for business, give our kids and grandkids more things to do in and around town, and make Grand Junction the type of place that people want to visit. We definitely don’t want to be what John Madden called us back in the 1950’s: “Grand Junkyard.”

We’re working to give people who live here hope that they’ve living in the best place there is for anyone to live, anywhere. We’re also working to give hope to people who live here that things are going to get better. Business is getting better. The economy’s getting better. The quality of Grand Junction is getting better. Life’s getting better.

Making The Best Of What We’ve Got

Grand Junction has so much potential to become more than just a centralized location for amazing outdoors activity. Grand Junction is, and always has been a launching pad to hundreds of outdoor locations, all within an hour or two. Growing our town won’t change that. Having more people in the Grand Valley won’t change that. For the rest of all our lifetimes we will have everything outdoors we already have.

What we’re after is growing Grand Junction so more people can enjoy what we now have. With the economy improving and more businesses moving to Grand Junction, it’s time to make Grand Junction a hub for others to move to and visit as well. It’s time to make Grand Junction a highly-desired place to live – and not just for its outdoors activities. It’s time to make the city itself highly-desirable.

String Of Pearls

Western Constructors now has many construction projects underway within the city which will help us achieve the vision we and many others have. We have a commercial project at Cornersquare, a residential project in the Redlands, and two mixed residential/ commercial projects along what is known in the Grand Valley as the “string of pearls”: in this case, Las Colonias and the nearby Dos Rios.

The “string of pearls” metaphor was originally used to describe a vision from 1987 where leaders in Grand Junction met in the basement of the Daily Sentinel building. The vision was to create what is now known as the riverfront trail system, along which would be a string of parks (“pearls”) on the water’s edge. More than that, the riverfront trail and parks concept were to replace and clean up Las Colonias, which had formerly been the site of various failed industrial projects.

The History Of Las Colonias

Hardly anyone today knows that the Las Colonias park, where Edgewater resides, where Western Constructor’s new townhomes are being built, just South of downtown Grand Junction between 5th and 12th, used to be the location for a beet sugar plant, and later, a uranium mill. They were two separate industries that came to Grand Junction and ultimately failed, for various reasons. In both cases, however, the economic fallout of losing the industries for the town was terrible.

It’s been a long time since all of that took place. Our economy’s recover, leftover material from the mill was remediated long ago by both the state and national government. Today, the area’s been cleaned up nicely. But back in the 1980’s when the riverfront trail and it’s string of pearls were still just a dream, Las Colonias was a trash heap. The whole Southern portion of town, right along the river, was unsightly. Everyone who goes to Las Colonias today has Grand Junction’s former leaders to thank for the cleanup they spearheaded, and for changing the way people at that time saw Grand Junction.

For those of us who have been around long enough, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the massive, massive improvements to the town that have taken place over the past 20-30 years. People from other parts of Colorado or across the country may still have bad stigmas about Grand Junction, or may just still not realize how amazing this town is. But they will. And it’s for the best. After all, we all want more improvement projects in the place we live and love, like the string of pearls, that we can all enjoy.

Our Contribution To Grand Junction

Western Constructors’ contribution to Grand Junction is also its own string of pearls. It’s our contribution to Grand Junction that we hope will have the same long-lasting and meaningful impact as the original string of pearls.

We’re committed to doing everything in our power, in our own industry, to help move Grand Junction along to better days. Cornersquare, the Redlands, Las Colonias, and Dos Rios are only the beginning. You will especially begin to see our mark on the South end of town in coming years, as the Las Colonias business park (more on that in future blog posts) comes to fruition. We can’t wait to share with you more about how these projects we’re working on will help revitalize entire sections of Grand Junction for the better, all within the next short few years.


*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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