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Long-Term Construction In Grand Junction, CO

Our family business as general contractors has always given us a unique perspective about building in Grand Junction, CO. Western Constructors is owned by Bruce Milyard and his son, Tyler Milyard. The two have a family history in construction that reaches over 30 years, when Bruce first began the company. Relationships are our strategy for long-term construction in Grand Junction, CO. In some of our earlier blog posts from last year, we talked about how we’ve now completed work all over the United States. But recently, we’ve reaffirmed our love for Grand Junction, and our dedication to the community. In this blog post we want to talk again about why we are the right choice for general contractors in Grand Junction.

Community And The Internet

It used to be that neighborhoods really meant something. People didn’t just buy homes because they liked the location, the school, the lawn, and the interior. They got to know the people who could become their neighbors. It was important for families with kids to know if there were other kids in the neighborhood, or if there were parks nearby so they could play. Before the days of the internet, community meant more. Some of the best moments of life were spent in community bbq’s or picnics. It wasn’t uncommon for kids to congregate en-masse to play games of football or tag.

The internet, of course, has brought its own forms of connection, and neither is necessarily better than the other. Some people develop rich relationships online with their friends, or colleagues. As general contractors, our professional world has expanded with the internet. Not just in terms of the people we network and do business with, but in our education. It’s much easier to keep abreast of the latest trends in technology, and innovation. We’ve created great relationships across the country that have brought jobs and income to families in Grand Junction, through the internet’s growth over the last twenty years.

Long-Term Construction In Grand Junction And Our Communities

What we want to share with you today is that we’ve taken a couple profound lessons from our past, and from society’s changes to being more online. First, we liked the days of rich community involvement. Maybe you miss days like that too. Our goal is to increase community involvement by creating live-work spaces. You can see our love for it in the projects we take on. We’ve blogged about these projects in the past in more detail, but our project at Los Colonias and near the Edgewater Brewery are perfect examples.

The business park at Los Colonias is one of our favorite projects we’re currently working on. This construction project will bring dozens of new businesses into Grand Junction’s riverside area, and we envision, will expand the downtown. The work at Edgewater, which is just a few hundred yards away, already has the River’s Edge Townhomes, which we’ve put in over the last few years. That area will soon have more retail space, restaurants, and be a perfect live-work community in Grand Junction. When we think of long-term construction in Grand Junction, CO, we think of the Los Colonias development. New businesses are moving to Grand Junction, like Rocky Mounts. Businesses like these are creating new jobs in Grand Junction, and make our job as general contractors very exciting.

Live-Work Construction In Grand Junction, CO

The reason we like the expansion to the Riverside part of town is because it will be a live-work community. A place where people can live, like in the River’s Edge Townhomes, and walk to work either downtown or in the Los Colonias business park. We believe that one of the answers to our fast-paced society today is for general contractors in Grand Junction to develop communities where people are encouraged to know each other. The internet is a big world. Our own small communities in Grand Junction have become virtually global. It’s put a stress on our society, where we no longer know our neighbors. We want to bring back that local feel to our ever-expanding social network with people we see every day in our homes and places of work.

The second profound lesson we’ve learned from our society’s vast changes is that even though people connect more online now than they maybe even do in person, it doesn’t change the fact that we all want real in-person connections in our lives. Even though there are plenty of companies doing long-term construction in Grand Junction, CO, and many of those companies can be found online, people want to work with people they feel they can trust. The best way to build trust is with genuine conversations, and really listening – which is what our family atmosphere at Western Constructors has always taught us to do. Our office doors are always open to anyone we’re working with, or to anyone interested in hiring a general contractor. We also do our best to connect with the community in other ways, such as helping students in Construction Management at CMU.

When working with us, people can expect to be treated like family. It’s just the approach we take. We want to be part of Grand Junction for the long-term. We realize that the buildings we construct will be here probably long after we are. It’s a legacy that we’re proud to be part of. Grand Junction is a unique community that wants to hold on to what it’s always been. We don’t want to lose that neighborhood aspect to who we are.

Long-Term Construction In Grand Junction Is Making The World Smaller Again

Long-term construction in Grand Junction, CO, for us, is all about building communities that last. It’s why we work with companies we trust like Electrician Grand Junction, and pursue projects we can be passionate about.

You’ll notice that a lot of our projects have a live-work element to them. The Knollwood apartments on Patterson and 1st Street and right across the road from McCalister’s Deli. Walgreens is also there, a satellite office for Enstrom’s, and several buildings of office space. It’s a place people can live, eat, and work, all without driving. It’s a smaller community within the larger Grand Junction area.

Our goal is to make the world of construction in Grand Junction a smaller community, in an ever-growing society. We think that by helping people connect in smaller groups of people we can do Grand Junction a great service. We can help people feel connected even though the internet is so big. Even though Grand Junction as a city is growing faster than it ever has before.


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Innovative Commercial Construction Companies

At Western Constructors, we always want to keep you updated on everything going on with us. But sometimes it’s important to broaden the scope a little, too. We’ve been covering our work and projects around Grand Junction for a while now—if you haven’t already, check out our article about Grand Junction’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan and our article about our work in the Redlands Mesa area—but we think it’s important to talk about changes and innovations in the construction industry as well. That’s why we wanted to take some time to talk about some innovative commercial construction companies and the technologies they’re using that are paving the way for the future of construction. Our goal is to make our blog as helpful and informative as possible, so whether it covers news about us or about the industry, it’s our hope that you’ll find it interesting—and hopefully fun, too.

3D Printers and Robots

One of the recent developments in construction technology has been the use of 3D printers. 3D printers have been around for a while now, but their application in construction is a fairly recent phenomenon. In 2017, for instance, two bridges were constructed with on-site 3D printers. One of the bridges was built in Madrid, and the other was a bike bridge built in the Netherlands. There are several upsides to using 3D printing in construction; without the need for formwork, for example, the process creates a lot less waste. Additionally, 3D printing makes it so that the exact amount of concrete needed is used. That means that the innovative companies using this technology reduced carbon-dioxide emissions for their projects. One of the coolest parts about 3D printing in construction, though, is that it allows construction companies to build bridges and other structures in shapes that were previously impossible to build.

The use of robots is another recent innovation in the construction industry. Though total autonomous construction isn’t feasible yet, robots can help construction projects get done more efficiently and effectively than ever before. And they can perform many different jobs, too—there are bricklaying robots that work alongside masons and even autonomous vehicles like dump trucks. One of the main reasons a construction company might want to use an autonomous or remote-controlled vehicle is the fact that it greatly reduces the risk of injury—if no one is physically present in the vehicle, then there’s no one to get hurt when an accident occurs. There have been robots in the construction industry that have been controlled from 1,000 miles away, which is truly an amazing feat. In the future, you can expect to see more robots helping out around construction sites.

VR, AR, and AI

Another incredible advancement in construction technology is the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). AR and VR have an impressive number of applications in the construction industry. Using VR, for example, an innovative commercial construction company can walk a project owner through a simulation of their project before it ever gets built. It allows construction companies and designers to plan their projects in new and exciting ways—some architects have interacted with holograms as a part of the design process. And VR also has important safety applications; VR allows construction companies to train people with new equipment in a safe and risk-free environment. Like VR, AR also has a number of helpful uses. On a construction site, AR goggles can allow construction workers to essentially see through walls that have already been built by helping them visualize the space on the other side.

Another innovation that has applications in the construction industry is artificial intelligence (AI). Even just in the planning stage, AI can help architects and designers choose between options and find the most efficient way to complete their projects. Normally, project scheduling is a nightmare, but AI assistants can help build the most efficient project schedule in just minutes. AI can also analyze 3D models of projects and point out potential flaws and errors—this improves worker safety and helps improve the efficiency of the project delivery. AI can also compile job-site imagery to create a 3D map of project progress that project owners and designers can view to keep them up to date. It’s an amazing advancement that contributes to project efficiency and worker safety, and it’ll continue to have new uses in the construction industry as innovative commercial construction companies figure out new ways to apply it.

Embedded Sensors and Predictive Analytics

More recently, there have been some interesting technological advancements in construction—and there are several things to look forward to as we move closer to the end of 2019. The use of data-driven technology, for example, has continued to rise. By using embedded sensors, project managers and construction companies can collect data about their projects; whether it’s information about the project’s safety, structural flaws, or operational workflow, these embedded sensors help make new construction projects safer and more efficient. The advancement of predictive analytics is another recent technology that’s moving the construction industry into the future. Predictive analytics use systems that can look ahead to point out things like safety concerns or budget outlooks. It uses AI to go a step further and try to predict what will happen in the future of a project.

The construction industry continues to grow and change each year as innovative commercial construction companies find new ways to improve project efficiency. If you’re interested in reading more about the future of the construction industry, we recommend checking out this article here. At Western Constructors, we think it’s important to keep looking ahead and to stay informed about the industry—and we think it’s fun to learn about, too. We hope you’re just as excited about these new technologies as we are. Already, many construction companies have begun to incorporate these new technologies—and though not all of them are widespread yet, we’re sure that they will become more and more prevalent as the years go by. The construction industry has an exciting future ahead, and we can’t wait to see all the new innovations that will shape it.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

Western Constructors’ Design/ Build Concept

In our latest blog post we talked about some of the new construction happening right now in Grand Junction, CO. If you haven’t read that article and you’re interested in seeing the ways that new construction is coming up in Grand Junction, that post is for you. The many new businesses moving into the Grand Valley are making big waves, and it’s affecting all of us (we think for the positive). We also talked about Western Constructors’ design/ build concept very briefly. It’s one of the biggest differentiators between us and other construction companies and general contractors in Grand Junction, CO (and really, across the U.S.). We care very deeply about the clients we work with. When we moved the majority of our construction projects back to Western Colorado, we came here to stay. Our construction projects now affect the place we live, and our intentionality with creating lasting change has become imperative.

We Have National General Contracting Experience

Of course, we’ve always given our clients our very best work. We’re headed construction projects across the country. It’s another one of the advantages Western Constructors has over other general contractors in Grand Junction. We have a national level of experience. In every one of our projects we’ve performed, we’ve always approached our work with the highest level of care. But over time, our experience in many parts of the country, working on projects from many perspectives, we’ve gained the ability to mentor clients through their construction projects. That’s where our design/ build concept comes in. We help clients design their projects from the very beginning stages. We are able to help them navigate the often-complex world of commercial construction with our mentorship process.

How Projects With Other Companies Are Often Handled

With many other construction companies, clients come with architectural designs which they want built. Those designs have been checked by engineers, perhaps looked over by the city, and approved from many angels. The construction company then takes the designs and builds the project. It’s a seemingly simple approach to commercial construction that surprisingly, often results in the project taking much longer than originally anticipated.

The problem is that oftentimes, architects aren’t one hundred percent clued in to their clients’ budgets and other practical resource constraints. When brought the architectural plans, construction companies are forced to bring their clients’ attention to the actual cost of building. If the client wasn’t very careful with ensuring the plans fit into their budget ahead of time (which is often not in their area of expertise to do), they must go back to the architect and re-do their designs. It’s a major pain that the process of commercial construction is already hard enough without. It results in a back-and-forth between architect, engineers, and general contractors that could easily have been avoided.

Western Constructors’ Approach

We much prefer to meet with our clients from the very earliest conceptual stages of their project’s design. Before they even meet with their architect or engineer, we want to know what their overall goals are. We want to know how their building should look, what feel it should bring to their customers and employees. What materials are on their wish-list, and their non-negotiables. We want to know the overall image they want to portray, and what this project means to them. Then, we want to know the details of how they want their building to be laid out. It’s a top-down approach that is often (surprisingly) contrary to the typical timeline in commercial construction.

In those early conversations we’re often forced (as many other construction companies are) to instill a little realism. We all have the habit of wanting it all when it comes to the things we care about most. Without the kind of advice that we can bring our clients, they often find that their dreams cost more than what is practical for them to build. We help our clients combine the aspects of building their business’ new location while keeping their feet on the ground with their budget and other constraints.

Long-Term, Varied Perspective

We also help our client look at their project from multiple angels. This is where mentorship comes into the project. Because we’ve built companies, commercial buildings, residential homes, multi-family units, and live-work communities all over the country, we’ve gained a wide perspective on additional topics that our clients often find very useful. Sometimes our clients like to know about things like:

  • Handling projects from a landlord’s perspective.
  • Working with city governments.
  • Knowledge of both the design and construction processes.
  • Working with architects and engineers.
  • Planning space within city zones.
  • Getting permits.

We also have very close relationships with the important voices in Grand Junction, CO, and can expedite construction projects. We’re part of several planning and decision-making committees in Grand Junction, and we have a voice as to what sorts of projects get pushed through for our city’s future.  We take pride in offering the companies and clients we work with a host of benefits outside of the relatively narrow area of construction. We view ourselves as general contractor/ mentors. Education is a huge piece of the value we bring to our clients.

And we believe that’s how it should be. There are many great construction companies and general contractors. Anyone can construct a building. But not everyone has decades of experience in all aspects of design, construction, and post-construction, such as we do at Western Constructors.

Simplifying The Process

Our clients often tell us that we make the construction process simpler.

  • Our design/ build concept cuts down on wasted time.
  • Our high levels of interaction and frequent meetings with clients help them stay focused on their overall goal.
  • We keep people from getting stuck in the minutiae of their project.
  • We build commercial buildings in a fair and expedient fashion.
  • We help our clients evaluate every step of the construction process to ensure maximum levels of return.
  • We are the experts that make that process doable.

Building a commercial project is not cheap and should not be approached lightly. From the time we begin working with clients until the construction project is complete, our team of experts are with you.


*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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