How To Hire The Right Commercial Contractor

As Grand Junction has continued to grow and expand, more and more projects have been popping up all over the city. But with new buildings, new expansions, and new deadlines come new problems. How can you be sure when you hire a commercial contractor that they’re qualified for the job? How can you make sure that the company you hire will be efficient and cost-effective? People often wonder how to hire the right commercial contractor for their project; it’s not an easy decision to make, and if you don’t know the right questions to ask or things to look for, you might end up regretting your choice. But we’re here to make it easy for you. In this article, we’ll talk about several things to consider when hiring a commercial contractor in Grand Junction so that you can make a well-informed decision before you take on a new project.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

When you’re shopping around for a commercial contractor, one of the most important things to consider is the amount of experience that the company has. More than every other factor (like efficiency, which we’ll touch on later), experience is important because it can make or break an entire project. A commercial contractor can have great reviews, get most of its projects done on time, and look good on paper, but if they don’t have experience, they could still ruin your project. What happens when something unexpected develops during the project delivery? A company with experience will know what to do—delays will be minimized, which saves you time and money. An inexperienced company might stand around scratching their heads. As good as they might be, they can’t be prepared for the kind of unexpected things that happen on the job. The only way to prepare for them is through experience.

At Western Constructors, we’re proud of our experience. If you need a few reasons to trust us, just look at the amazing work we’ve done at the Los Colonias business park and begun in the Dos Rios area. We have experience you can see just by walking around downtown Grand Junction. We’ve revitalized the downtown area, helping bring in new businesses, jobs, and opportunities to the city. We also have decades of insight into consumer and client trends, which means a lot in our business. It means that we have the experience necessary to complete your project on time and to your satisfaction. We know we can do it because we’ve seen it before—whether you’re looking to expand your home or business or build from the ground up, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help that other commercial contractors in Grand Junction simply don’t have.

Another important thing to consider when hiring a commercial contractor is whether a company is properly licensed and insured. If a contractor doesn’t have the proper business license, isn’t bonded, or doesn’t have liability insurance, it could be a disaster for you. So make sure when you hire a commercial contractor that they’re ready for all aspects of the job. If something goes wrong, you’ll thank yourself for it. If you’re interested in more about this, check out this article here. It has some more information about safety assurance and making sure you hire the right construction company.

Do They Have Good Customer Service and Reviews?

If a company’s hard to reach, that’s probably another good sign that they’re not the right commercial contractor for you. If they’re rude or unapproachable, it means that they’ll make your project (and your life) more difficult than it needs to be. If there’s a dispute between a contractor and a designer, for example, would you want it handled by someone who didn’t have the courtesy to act professionally when you first encountered them? Customer service is an important thing to consider when making your decision. At Western Constructors, we’re always readily available, and we value integrity and respect above all else. If you need help or just want to talk to us about your project, we’re more than happy to take your call. You can find all of our contact information on the About Us page on our website under “Contact Us.”

Word of mouth and recommendations are some other good resources to use when hiring a commercial contractor. If a company has been around a while and has a good reputation, you’re far more likely to be satisfied with your project when it’s finished. Newer companies won’t have that reputation—and that means they also don’t have a reputation to worry about destroying. A commercial contractor’s good reputation is like insurance for your project; just as you want to make sure your project is efficient and cost-effective, commercial contractors with good reputations want to maintain their good image. We’re proud of all the work we’ve done here at Western Constructors, and we’re confident that if you ask around, people who have worked with us before will tell you about our respect, integrity, and ability to get a job done right.

How Efficient Are They?

Another important question to ask when considering a commercial contractor is, “How efficient are you?” You want to know whether a company is able to consistently meet their deadlines. If a commercial contractor is known for delays, extra costs, or handling business unprofessionally, it’s probably a good idea to avoid hiring them. Efficiency is a top priority for any commercial contractor; that means that the more efficient a company is, the more you can trust them to get your project done on time without additional costs or delays. At Western Constructors, we take pride in our efficiency. We’ve been putting up buildings and completing projects all over Grand Junction on time and with as little cost as we can. Part of the reason for that is the design-build atmosphere that we’ve talked about before on our blog.

If you shop for the cheapest option around, you’re liable to find someone who is either under-insured or under-qualified, and you can be sure that they will under-perform. If you ignore things like efficiency, customer ratings, and experience, you might end up with a company that cuts corners. And in a business as important as ours, we know you can’t afford to hire the wrong commercial contractor. Whether it’s in delay costs, unsafe products, or arguments and unprofessional behavior, making the wrong choice will come back to haunt you. We want to help you make the right decision because we understand how important your project is to you. Make sure that the person you trust with your project treats it with the same level of respect.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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