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Though many people understand that there’s a difference between residential and commercial construction, few understand all the complex ways that home building and commercial construction differ. At Western Constructors, our goal is to make the process simple, whether you want to build a home, add to your business, or are just curious about the construction industry. It seems simple enough: residential construction is for building homes and apartments, and commercial construction is for businesses. But that’s just a broad overview. We want to show you the differences between the two types of construction so you can have a better understanding of the projects we take on every day. In Grand Junction, home builders and commercial general contractors have different scopes, different codes, and different equipment. We’re proud to be a company that does both kinds of construction, and we want to show you exactly what that means.

Scope of Residential vs. Commercial Contractors

Most people think that the difference between home builders and commercial general contractors is a difference of type. Each type of construction builds or works on something different. But something that people often don’t realize is that it’s a difference of scope, too. Because residential buildings are meant to be living spaces, they often have smaller floor plans. That means that there’s less work to do and that the design is often simpler. Commercial construction, however, often has a larger scope. Different businesses have different needs, but their projects often require a sturdier frame and more complex designs. A commercial general contractor may also have to plan for multiple businesses that will be operating in the same location, which makes the design process even more complicated. Bigger projects also require more materials and the use of different equipment (which we’ll talk more about later).

And though both residential and commercial construction are terms most people think they understand, one is much broader than the other. Residential is easier to understand; it refers to building homes, apartments, condos, and other buildings where people live. But commercial construction has many types. It includes building projects for schools, colleges, and universities. It also includes infrastructure projects like roads, highways, and bridges. And these are just a couple of the categories; there are also medical construction projects, retail construction projects, and government construction projects. Basically, any project that isn’t residential is a commercial construction project. And that means that while residential construction is a clearly defined subset of construction, commercial construction isn’t. When a company says they’re working on residential construction, it’s clear what they mean. But when they say the same thing about commercial construction, you have to ask, “What kind?”

Materials and Timelines for Home Builders vs. Commercial Construction

The equipment and materials used in construction also differ between home builders and commercial general contractors. Each project has its own needs, but residential projects often use more cost-effective materials. Because the projects are smaller, home builders can afford to use cheap materials like strong timber for their structures. But larger commercial projects can’t afford to use the same kind of materials. Often, commercial projects require larger buildings with steel frames to support them. Depending on their purpose, commercial projects may need to be a lot more sturdy than residential projects. And different materials means different equipment, too. Commercial projects often require the use of cranes and other large-scale equipment you don’t normally find in residential construction. That also means that personnel can differ for commercial projects; you need to have the right people who are trained to use more complicated equipment.

But contrary to what you might think, commercial projects often finish faster than residential projects. Even though they’re larger projects, businesses have to stick to a tighter schedule than most homeowners. More money is also required for commercial projects, which means that staying on a timeline is very important. While home builders generally work for one client who may have specific requirements for themselves or for their family, commercial general contractors work for a team of stakeholders. They have put in a bigger investment than residential clients because they have to pay more for more experienced workers, more complex equipment, and more working hours to complete their project. And often, like their timeline, businesses have to stick to a stricter budget than residential clients.

Codes and Permits for Residential vs. Commercial Construction

Codes and permits are another way that residential and commercial construction differ. Most of the time, commercial general contractors have to follow more codes and obtain more permits. Of course, home builders have to make sure that their residential projects are safe. But for commercial construction, the projects are often bigger and impact more people. This means that the safety codes that commercial general contractors have to follow are stricter than they are in residential construction. There are also certifications necessary for building things like elevators and parking garages that you probably aren’t going to find in residential construction. Of course, it depends on where you live. Grand Junction has many of its own codes and permits that commercial and residential general contractors have to follow. That means that Grand Junction home builders and commercial general contractors have different restrictions.

At Western Constructors, we take on both residential and commercial construction projects. If you’re interested in learning more about the differences between commercial and residential construction, be sure to read this article here. And if you want to see some of the work we’ve done in Grand Junction, you can find out more on our blog. You can check out our article on some of the residential construction we’ve done in the Redlands Mesa area in our article here. And you can look at some of the commercial construction we’ve done in the Las Colonias business park in another article here. We’re proud to be have the experience and means needed to complete all kinds of projects, and we hope that this article made the differences between commercial and residential construction a little clearer. It’s always our goal to make things as simple and easy for you as we can.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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