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Bella Mesa at Redlands Mesa is a 16-lot subdivision in the Redlands that features some of the finest newly constructed Grand Junction, CO homes. As with all our projects, these homes are not only high-end construction and material, but connect homeowners with the outdoor beauty that Grand Junction, CO offers. As you may know, the Redlands is considered one of Grand Junction’s most desirable living spaces. As you drive up the hill leading to our development you see the wide range of Grand Junction’s “Bookcliffs”, the Grand Mesa, the National Monument, and pieces of the Grand Valley spread out around you. The Redlands has its own golf course. Trails for hiking and biking cover the area. And of course, the Redlands has some of Grand Junction’s nicest homes and developed space.

Five Minutes From Downtown Grand Junction

The design of these homes is also unique in Grand Junction because they are higher-end development homes, built with a certain style. These Grand Junction, CO homes are built with high-desert flair, combined with a modern look. The subdivision comes right off Ridges Boulevard, placing it centrally within the Redlands. Bella Mesa is a five-minute drive from downtown Grand Junction, and about the same distance from 7th Street or Patterson Road, which is where most of the great things to do in Grand Junction are located. The Redlands is also right in the middle of some of Grand Junction’s best outdoor spots.

The Redlands Has Access To Grand Junction’s Outdoors

People live in Grand Junction because of the outdoors – it’s what this area is known for. Whether you love hiking or biking, getting out into nature, kayaking, or any other outdoor activity you can imagine – or if you prefer the scenery itself – the Redlands offers access to it all. Of all Grand Junction, CO homes, those built in the Redlands are positioned in the best possible space. There’s really nothing like waking up and seeing the beauty of Grand Junction from your doorstep. The desert, the Valley, and the surrounding mountains and mesas create an incredible backdrop. It’s an experience you can’t get anywhere but in Grand Junction. And within Grand Junction, the best views are found in the Redlands. Even among the Redlands, we feel that the views and location of the Bella Mesa lots are unforgettable.

The Grand Junction, CO homes at Bella Mesa range from five hundred thousand to six hundred thousand in price. They are located very near the Redlands golf course and club house, giving homeowners a view of deep green amidst the desert and mountain landscape. Parks surround the Redlands area, making it a great location for families. We are very excited about this development because we know the value this project brings. They’re the kind of homes in which we would want to raise our kids, which is how we approach all of our projects.

Western Constructor’s String Of Pearls

Bella Mesa at Redlands Mesa is another one of what we call Western Constructor’s “String of Pearls.” Back in the 1980’s, community, political, and business leaders in Grand Junction put together a plan to improve the city of Grand Junction’s look and feel. Their plan involved building several parks along the riverfront, and the creation of trail system to connect them. They likened the project to a string (the trail) of pearls (the various parks built to beautify the area). It was a large project because Grand Junction’s riverfront had some problems and required cleanup. But ever since, the riverfront trail has become a highly popular and pleasant place to visit. It’s made a substantial difference in the Grand Junction community.

As we began the process of looking to build in Grand Junction once again – both residential homes and commercial properties – we thought very hard about what kind of difference we wanted to make. It made sense to us to try to leave Grand Junction better than we found it. We took inspiration from the string of pearls project back in the late 1980’s, and we feel that it’s a good metaphor for our construction projects now. Western Constructors builds community and gives people hope of a better tomorrow for Grand Junction – we don’t just build homes and commercial buildings.

We also feel that our Grand Junction, CO homes at Bella Mesa are truly a pearl. They’re homes we’ve been proud to build. We know that the people who get to live in them will be very happy there. Their lives will be enriched by the community, at the foremost, and the surrounding environment and views as well. The Redlands are an incredible place to live, and we’re fortunate as builders in Grand Junction to have found space there that we truly love and find passion in developing.

We Are Back In Grand Junction To Stay

You may not have heard of Western Constructors. That company name may be new to you. Many people know us around Grand Junction as “Bruce’s company,” though we’ve become so much more as the company has grown and developed. We left Grand Junction for some time when the economy took a downturn in 2008. But we’ve always been excited to get back to the place we love. And we’re excited to announce and share with you the news about Bella Mesa.

If you or someone you know is interested in lots in Bella Mesa at Redlands Mesa, you can find our Reservation Agreement here. If you are interested in looking at our other Grand Junction, CO homes, you can find our residential portfolio here. If you haven’t heard a whole lot about us yet, we’ve been in business since 1974. We’ve constructed over 2,700 Grand Junction, CO homes, which you can read more about on our blog. People have literally built their entire family legacies in homes and commercial properties we’ve constructed during our forty-five years in business. If you’re looking for the right place to call home, we are the builders in Grand Junction who people look for. It’s rare that families wait to buy homes built by specific contractors. Yet it’s an experience that we have often with our Grand Junction, CO homes. People love our work and seek out homes we build.


*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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