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Occam’s razor is a type of reasoning you might have heard of before—it appears everywhere, popping up in everything from mystery books to medical diagnoses. What you probably didn’t know, though, is the fact that Occam’s razor also has a place in the construction industry. The reasoning goes like this: if you have many options to choose from, you should pick the best and the simplest (you can read more about Occam’s razor here). For general contractors in Grand Junction, the choice is between traditional project delivery and design-build project delivery. Design-build is a type of project delivery that works better and is simpler than traditional project delivery—so, as Occam’s razor tells us, design-build is the best form of project delivery. That’s why we’ve taken this approach to our projects. At Western Constructors, we’re pleased to be a design-build general contractor Grand Junction can be proud of.

But why does design-build work better for general contractors? What makes it simpler? When an owner decides to take on a project, there are multiple stages that they have to go through. Traditionally, there are at least two important groups of people that owners have to work with: designers and general contractors. In traditional project delivery, the owner signs two different contracts, one with each group. This seems simple enough—the designers are in charge of planning the project and the general contractors carry out those plans. But in Grand Junction and all over the United States, general contractors have turned away from this traditional method. Though it seems simple, it leaves room for burdens like disputes and litigation. What happens when something goes wrong and the designer starts to blame the general contractor? When schedules change, delays occur, and things cost more than expected, who carries the blame?

What Is The Design-Build Model?

These aren’t easy questions to answer. Nobody wants their project to be bogged down by this kind of bickering. Conflicts can lead to further delays, extra costs, and unnecessary stress for owners. That’s why design-build project delivery offers general contractors an easier way to get things done. In the design-build model, general contractors like us work together with designers from the beginning of the project to ensure that the project is completed in the most efficient, cost-effective, and agreeable way possible. We’ve talked a little bit about this concept before—you can find one of our blog posts about it here. One of the biggest upsides to design-build is that the owner only has to sign one contract. That means no more worrying about disputes or blame; that gets taken care of by the collaborative team. The project gets done faster, there’s a more friendly atmosphere, and owners save money.

In design-build, general contractors work together with designers from the ground-up to help make sure the owner’s project goes as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’ve chosen to use it for our projects; we’re dedicated to delivering the best experience we can. Doing so saves time and money because it encourages us to innovate and work together with a design team before we ever get started on the project. By being involved in the design process, we can better estimate the cost of completing the project and how long the project will take. This means less wasted time and more time spent on delivering your project. Just take a look at all the work we’ve done at the Las Colonias business park. We’ve been able make such great progress there because we know how best to handle everything from design to construction.

There’s a reason why more and more general contractors have been turning to design-build project delivery. We’re known for using this approach—while other construction companies in Grand Junction are just starting to join the trend, we’re already one step ahead. Many owners have already started to abandon traditional project delivery entirely because of the success and simplicity of using a design-build approach. When one model saves owners 6.1% in costs and its projects are finished 12% faster than the other, the choice is easy to make. If you want to look at more statistics for design-build project delivery versus traditional project delivery, you can check out this link. Over and over again, design-build has been proven to be more efficient and effective. We use this approach because we’re committed to making your construction project as smooth as possible.

The Design-Build Atmosphere

One of the most important parts of design-build to us is the atmosphere it creates. Rather than forcing you to go between two opposed teams, we bring designing and contracting together. This single-point contact emphasizes things like respect, teambuilding, and cooperation. All of these are important values to us. We care deeply about improving lives in Grand Junction, and we know that trust between owners and their general contractors is of the utmost importance. In order to build that trust, we’ve fostered a culture of open communication and dedication to common goals. Efficiency, timesaving, and being cost-effective are all important, and we’ve built our reputation on them—but more than that, we value openness and cooperation so that your vision becomes reality.

Design-build project delivery has become the fastest-growing construction process in America, and we’ve experienced its success firsthand. Encouraging an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership makes it an effective way of providing the best service without having to worry about unexpected disputes. Choosing between traditional project delivery and design-build project delivery is hardly a choice at all. It all comes down to simplicity—wouldn’t you want to choose the fastest, most effective way to get things done? If you had the opportunity to work with one unified team rather than two groups who may not have the same goals in mind, wouldn’t you want to take it? We would, too. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to the design-build model. If studies have shown that one model is more successful than another, we’ll always pick that model because your trust and satisfaction depend on it.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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