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One of the questions we often get about the construction industry has to do with the difference between construction managers and general contractors. Many people mistakenly think that they’re the exact same thing and offer the same services. That’s why today on our blog, we’re going to show you that this isn’t the case at all. Construction managers and general contractors in Grand Junction play different roles and help with different parts of the construction process. It’s always important to us that you have the best information possible about the construction industry so that you can make the right decisions for your construction needs. That’s why in this article we’re going to show you all the differences between construction managers and general contractors. It’s important for you to know exactly what you’re looking for, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right person for the job.

Construction Managers vs. General Contractors

The first important question to ask here is, “What is a construction manager?” Every construction project benefits from a construction manager that is essentially there to make the entire process goes smoothly. Construction managers oversee and direct a wide variety of projects, often in both residential and commercial construction. They’re usually the ones setting the schedule and making sure they stick to it. They’re also there to make sure that everyone working is on task and moving in the right direction. They offer valuable insight and make sure that everything is going perfectly, and they also make sure the workplace is free of safety hazards. If there’s a dispute between workers, the construction manager takes care of it. And they watch over the budget, too. A construction manager wants to make sure that the project stays within the target timeframe and does their best to avoid going over the budget.

But it’s also important to define what a general contractor is, too. General contractors help oversee the day-to-day operations of the project. They work with architects and engineers to make sure that they’re filling the needs of the project design. Sometimes, this also means that they need to tweak the original designs or make a couple of changes. The general contractor is responsible for helping make decisions about these changes and carrying them out. Another thing that general contractors do is hire on subcontractors for a project. And once they hire subcontractors, it’s their job to manage them and make sure everything goes right. If they’re building a new home, for example, a general contractor might hire subcontractors for plumbing and electricity. Most of the time, general contractors spend their day travelling and working at job sites, and they help make sure everything gets done on time.

Key Differences Between Construction Managers and General Contractors

So what’s the difference between these two key positions? Though they sometimes do similar things, the two roles differ in some important ways. One of the key differences between construction managers and general contractors, in Grand Junction and everywhere else, is when they join the project. Construction managers join a project at the very beginning. What this means is that they don’t just work during the construction phase. They also actively work during the design phase, setting budgets and making sure that the project designs are satisfactory. General contractors, on the other hand, join in during the construction phase. They don’t usually get involved during the design phase and are generally only hired on once a project has been already been designed. That’s one of the reasons why general contractors sometimes need to adjust designs as they work with engineers and architects on your project.

So which one should you be looking to hire? It really depends on what stage of the construction process you’re in. If you’re just starting and aren’t sure what to do, a construction manager is probably your best bet. Because they help in the design and planning process, it takes more weight off your shoulders. Sometimes a general contractor can act like a construction manager, assisting in the design phase. But that’s usually only the case if you already have a working relationship with a general contractor. If you already have your designs, budget, and schedule, then it might be better to hire a general contractor. A construction manager is more of a collaborative partner, while more independent clients may find better service with a general contractor.

Working Together in Grand Junction

But the two roles aren’t totally exclusive. Oftentimes, it’s in a construction manager’s best interest to hire a general contractor. The two roles can work hand-in-hand. The construction manager acts as an adviser to the client and supervises the project. A general contractor will manage day-to-day operations and hire the appropriate subcontractors. Dividing the work between them can help make sure your project sticks to your timeframe and budget, but the decision to hire on a general contractor generally belongs to the construction manager. Since they work as an adviser to you, thought, you can always ask your construction manager whether it’s a good idea to hire a general contractor for your project. If you’re interested in learning more about the differences between construction managers and general contractors, be sure to check out this article here.

At Western Constructors, we offer both general contracting and construction management services. Whether you need someone to hire qualified subcontractors or you need comprehensive construction management services, we have you covered. We take on as much of a project as you need, in design, construction, budgeting, and scheduling. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do in each of these roles, you can find more information on our website here. And if you’d rather talk to us directly, feel free to give us a call! Educating our readers is one of our most important goals for our blog. It’s why we write articles like this and others that explain the industry to you, like our blog post about the differences between residential and commercial construction. We find that helping people make educated decisions about the construction industry makes them happier in the long run.

*This post was written by Third Loft Marketing.

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